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LED Street Light Cases & Led Tunnel Light Case

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 *LED street light housing
 *LED flood light housing
 *LED tunnel light housing
 *LED high bay light housing

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Quality Aluminium LED Street Light Cases & Led Tunnel Light Last a Lifetime

A vitally important part of any town or city is good quality street lighting because it keeps the roads, by-ways, and streets safe for its citizens. To this purpose, there are different types of street lighting available, like LED tunnel light case, but currently, the ones most in demand are the LED street lighting fixtures.

LED Light Fittings

One of the reasons civic bodies prefer LED street lights and bulbs is for their very long lifespan, less generated heat, and good light output at reduced costs. These fixtures use an LED street light case to house the bulb, the power units, transformers, and the finned heat sink. They are manufactured using the aluminium die-cast process and are manufactured to strict specifications to handle all types of extreme weather.

Strict Specifications

Some companiesmanufacturing the LED Street Light Case have their own designers who have the capability to create unique designs for their clients; however, clients can also bring in their own designs, which will be manufactured to their special specifications. Aluminium quality plays a very important part in the final product, because many of the light cases are used in places where they are exposed to the vagrancies of the elements.

Multiple Uses

Besides street lighting, the LED tunnel light case has also found use in many other public places like industries, manufacturing units, airports, hospitals, the hospitality industry, tunnels lighting, parking lots, and even in homes. They are specially constructed from high-grade aluminium to handle different strengths of powered LED bulbs, wattages, and power fittings.

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