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World-Class LED High Bay Light Fixture & Housing

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LED high bay light fixture & housing

Shenzhen General Hardware and Plastic Product Co. is a renowned provider of OEM & ODMservice in the area of precision mold and plastic parts. Our company is committed to deliver excellent manufacturing solutions and smart design that help our customers reduce their costs. Our superior quality products include LED light housing, LED light shells, CNC machining parts, aluminum heat sink, stamping die/parts, and injection mold/parts. All these products are certified as being world-class because they undergo a manufacturing process that adheres to international standards of manufacturing excellence, as well as to technological best practices. Our LED high bay light fixture is one such example of our world-class and highly-competitive products.

High Customer Satisfaction

Shenzhen General Hardware and Plastic Product Co. is a superior provider of such products as LED high bay light housing and fixture. These products have been certified to give our clients one hundred percent customer satisfaction by addressing their requirements.Our company is committed to listen to the needs of our various markets. The result is offering products and services that are attuned to users needs. We constantly upgrade our capabilities, earning for us customer delight. Our clients requirements are the reason why we have grown to be a dependable company in the industry we are in.

Outsourcing for Reduced Costs

The manufacturing companies in the developed countries have been encountering increased cost stress due to the global inflation. As a result, outsourcing from China has become a fast-growing trend in popular solutions. This move has realized significantly reduced operational and manufacturing costs. Shenzhen General Hardware and Plastic Product Co. is an excellent choice for mold and plastic partsoutsourcing. Our companys capabilities are world-class because we adhere to international best practices in manufacturing and comply with ISO certification. Our products such as our famous LED high bay light fixtureis only one among our long list of highly-superior product lines.

Commitment to World-Class Standards

Our company's LED high bay light Fixture is a result of years of excellent service and keen commitment to quality and durability. Our world-class brand status has been brought about by the seamless combination of clever design of part and mold and a technologically advanced manufacturing process. We also offer our customers our policy of no minimum order quantity, up to 50%cost savings,agreement for good credit and long-term cooperation, and punctual service schedules. All these best practices in business and customer relations are likewise proof of our dedication to upholding world-class standards.

Select Finest Quality LED High Bay Light Fixtures from GHPs Extensive Range

Shenzhen General Hardware & Plastics or GHP have an extensive range of LED high bay light Fixture products that meet the strictest specifications. GHPs LED high bay light fixture, housing, and shells are made using aluminum extrusion for the case and are treated against rust with anodic oxidation process.

Tall Lighting

These fittings have an aluminum extrusion heat sink to dissipate any heat buildup and typically last for years without any maintenance. The high bay light housing comes with a reflector and lens which helps to magnify and spread the light to a wide area when it use. Typically, high bay light fittings stand between 20 to 40 feet in height, which gives excellent light coverage.

Product Range

GHP high bay light fixtures use 100W bulbs and the complete fitting comes with a power supply box and other accessories. GHP have been manufacturing all types of aluminum LED light fittings in Shenzhen since 2004 and are currently manufacturing many different types of LED, bulb, tube, ground, panel, tunnel, flood, street, and garage lights besides the LED high bay light Fixture.

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