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High Quality Aluminium Die Cast Products

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Aluminium die cast is the process where melted aluminium is poured into a hardened steel mould. The mold is then water-cooled to allow the aluminium inside to harden. When it is opened, the die cast by-product is expelled into several parts.

Benefits Of Alloy

The advantage of using die cast alloy is its strength and durability as well as very high resistance to corrosion. It can also tolerate high temperatures and is extremely lightweight, equivalent only to a third of the weight of steel. This is the reason why there are several aluminium heat sink products in the market today.

Because its very easy to bend and mold, aluminium is being in wide range of industries from power, telecommunications, transportation, aeronautics, construction, engineering, renewable energy, furniture and computers. When you work around electricity, you need a shell or housing that can help dissipate heat and aluminium heat sink products are the perfect solution. Our products are built to withstand high pressure situations, extreme weather conditions and still provide superior shielding performance.

The smooth finish and also the attractive exterior also add to the allure of aluminium.

100% Recyclable

Another advantage of aluminium that we think sets it apart from others is its 100% recyclable property. Using aluminium profile, the number of permutations that alloy can be shaped by manufacturers and fabricators is only limited by their imagination. The use of aluminium has cut across industries as more and more people discover its amazing benefits.

The greatest trick of manufacturers is to make the finish product seems easy. But extrusion from aluminium die cast and aluminium profile is a complex process. The fabricator must have the right conditions in order to come up with a perfect product. He must operate on a certain type of temperature and work with speed and timing so the molten alloy is injected into the custom mold with the right amount of force. The profiles are then stretched following cooling either by water or air. They are then inspected closely for any anomalies and whether they measure to the specifications ordered by the client.

Allow Us To Provide You Service

We carry aluminium profile products of various lengths and dimensions. We choose our brands carefully to ensure that what we deliver meets the requirements and expectations of our end clients. We also make the process of purchasing and ordering very simple. Choose from our products from our catalogue and our very capable customer representatives are on standby to accommodate all your requests.

Manufacturing High-Quality Aluminium Alloy Die Cast Heat Sinks

The process of melting aluminium, which is then poured into a steel mould and cooled down, is called the die-cast method of manufacturing. When this molten aluminium is pushed through a die of a specific design and cross-section, the end product is an aluminium die cast piece. The main reason for using die cast aluminium is its properties of durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.

Dissipating Heat

Shenzhen General Hardware & Plastic Products Co in China manufacture an aluminium heat sink which is used to dissipate heat buildup in light fittings like street lights, garage lights, tunnels, and other industry uses. Besides tolerating high temperatures, the heat sink is also very light when compared to products made from other metals like steel.

Meeting Specifications

Since 2004, GHP has become a respected name in die cast heat sink manufacture and their products are now in use all over Europe, Far East, and South East Asia, with newer markets opening up all the time. One reason for their success is that their products meet the high specifications of the European engineering companies.

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