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          Improving Road Safety in Dark Passageways

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Dark tunnels and underpasses require the highest requirements for lighting. We do our part to boost safety to motorists and pedestrians alike as we carry quality tunnel light shell with high intensity tempered glass and waterproof casing.

Improving Safety Conditions

A well-lighted tunnel improves the safety level by as much as 90% by preventing the drivers from going full blast with their headlights which can blind other motorists. This often overlooked factor can reduce accidents and traffic gridlock as drivers maintain their speed from the time they enter the dark passageway.

There used to be a time when vision wasnt as optimum but the technology now has changed so much for the better. LED or high sodium lamps and tunnel light housing have combined to boost the lighting conditions inside subways and burrows.

Right Illumination

What most people dont know is that it takes a lot of research on the amount of illumination needed in tunnels. You know when you can still some flashes of light when you suddenly went from light to dark? Thats your eye trying to adjust. The amount of illumination in the tunnel light housing should be enough where the motorists can see clearly without necessarily suffering from these flashes.

The illumination is higher in tunnels compared to the open road. But it should be cool to the eye and not blind the motorists instead. Theres a reason why each tunnel light shell is arranged in lateral continuous row in order to provide an even light distribution so drivers can concentrate on the road. The best kinds are the ones that are invisible to the drivers, meaning they mimic the lighting conditions outside the tunnel and the transition in the vision from the time they enter the tunnel portal is almost seamless.

Sturdy Fabrication

Each of the tunnel light shell we carry has undergone a battery of tests to make sure they pass the stringent standards set by the regulators. Our tunnel light housing products and safety glass enclosures can withstand the heat from the exhaust fumes, and the constant pressure applied from the high sodium lamps or LED as well as extreme weather changes. They operate in optimum conditions even from the searing heat of summer and the coldest nights of winter. Our products also have high resistance to corrosion and very high lifespan. Depending on the type of lamp to be used, you can choose from either cast aluminum or stainless steel.

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