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 *LED high bay light housing

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Title   100W high Bay light shell
Category   LED high Bay light shell
Introduction   100W high Bay light shell GHP-BL-100W
100W high Bay light shell
Specificationú║100 w
Al Case Materialú║Alu Extrusion
Surface Treatmentú║Anodic oxidation
Extrusion Heat sink 
Power supply box
200W high Bay light Housing
150W high Bay light Housing
100W high Bay light Housing
  80W high Bay light Housing
  50W high Bay light Housing
  30W high Bay light Housing
200W high Bay light  shell
150W high Bay light  shell
100W high Bay light  shell
  80W high Bay light shell
  50W high Bay light shell
  30W high Bay light shell
200W high Bay light  fixture
150W high Bay light  fixture
100W high Bay light  fixture
  80W high Bay light fixture
  50W high Bay light fixture
  30W high Bay light fixture
200W high Bay light  enclosure
150W high Bay light  enclosure
100W high Bay light  enclosure
  80W high Bay light enclosure
  50W high Bay light enclosure
  30W high Bay light enclosure
200W high Bay light  heat sink
150W high Bay light  heat sink
100W high Bay light  heat sink
  80W high Bay light heat sink
  50W high Bay light heat sink
  30W high Bay light heat sink
200W low Bay light Housing
150W low Bay light Housing
100W low Bay light Housing
  80W low Bay light Housing
  50W low Bay light Housing
  30W low Bay light Housing
200W low Bay light  shell
150W low Bay light  shell
100W low Bay light  shell
  80W low Bay light shell
  50W low Bay light shell
  30W low Bay light shell
200W low Bay light  fixture
150W low Bay light  fixture
100W low Bay light  fixture
  80W low Bay light fixture
  50W low Bay light fixture
  30W low Bay light fixture
200W low Bay light  enclosure
150W low Bay light  enclosure
100W low Bay light  enclosure
  80W low Bay light enclosure
  50W low Bay light enclosure
  30W low Bay light enclosure
200W low Bay light  heat sink
150W low Bay light  heat sink
100W low Bay light  heat sink
  80W low Bay light heat sink
  50W low Bay light heat sink
  30W low Bay light heat sink

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